Friday, January 25, 2013

Achieving Weight Loss With Meal Replacement Shakes

People's awareness on overall physical wellness has increased over the years. Although it is transparent that mass media play a huge role in this influence, especially on the emphasis of the physical appearance, the main objective for most people is to live a perfectly good and healthy lifestyle to enjoy the goodness of what life has to offer. There is a great deal to living a healthy lifestyle. You get to spend extra time with family, focus on your career, and do the exciting things that you wish to do. But how is physical wellness achieved in a world where everything is designed and mandated to be fast? Like the fast food that causes unwanted fats, weight gain and eventually illnesses? How do we lose fat and unwanted pounds?
A lot of these people struggling with achieving weight loss in order to lead healthy lives are torn between products, regimens, and activities that promise all imaginable results possible. They have put themselves in a dilemma and many people are banging their heads against the wall trying to figure out the most fast, and effective solutions possible. The answer is most commonly a healthy meal replacement shake.
To illustrate how to shed those unwanted pounds, a meal replacement weight loss shake blended by mixing with non fat milk (or even soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk) with fruit produces only 240 calories comparing it to an average breakfast consisting of bagel with cream cheese, orange juice and coffee with non-fat milk which produces around 720 calories and contains a lot more sodium. Thus, by having a replacement meal shake, it not just fuels your body and sustains your blood sugar levels it also saves calories and promotes healthy weight loss. One serving of a replacement meal shakes with milk and fruit and strawberry mix has 13 g of sugar (from the milk and strawberry) and 250 mg of sodium while a McMuffin meal with coffee and small orange juice has 44 g of sugar and 1,260 mg of sodium. To further show the healthy benefit of this replacement meal shakes, one serving contains 1 g of fat while the McMuffin meal contains 23.5 g, a whopping 95% difference. Fiber, which is essential for bowel movement and weight loss, is also at 9 g in one serving of the replacement meal shake while it is less than one serving in the McMuffin meal. Carbohydrates content is kept at minimum having only 31 g.
Clearly, the meal replacement weight loss shakes not only cuts the calorie content but also promises essential vitamins and minerals for optimum nutrition and nourishment. It is very easy to prepare and taste good. Some taste as good as vanilla cake mix. This is a convenient "ideal meal" that can save you time, provide amazing nutrition and help you to lose weight safely.

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