Monday, January 21, 2013

The Fat Facts of Weight Loss and Your Metabolism

Ever noticed how some people seem to be able to eat what they want, as much as they want, but never seem to gain any weight! Does not seem fair when all you have to do is just look at food and BAM, You just put on more weight.
This is due to each individual's Metabolic Rate and yours may be very slow and in need of kick-start to speed it up and get it going.
Our metabolism runs our bodily functions and controls the processes the body use's to distribute and provide energy from the food we eat.
Our metabolism extracts nutrients from our food, regulates how quickly and how much fat we burn (Weight Loss), and controls our energy levels and energy storage.
The amount of energy and the rate at which each person burns up that energy will be different.
If your metabolism has slowed, you will find it a lot harder to Lose Weight effectively. People who have a Fast Metabolism Rate are the ones that we all love to hate.
These people have a high BMR and these people can eat all the crap they want and actually get away with it, without putting on a single kilo.
Knowing your Metabolic Rate and knowing your BMR is very important when you are committing yourself to Losing Weight or following a Weight Loss Diet Plan.
Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) refers to the amount of energy (kilojoules) needed from the food that you eat each day, for your body to function well and maintain itself.
An average male has a BMR of 7100 to 7200 kilojoules needed per day to supply the body with enough energy to get through the day. Women need a little less per day and need 5900 to 6000 kilojoules to get enough energy for the day.
This can vary for each person depending on your size and your activity levels, which brings to mind an old saying, "Energy In, Energy Out!"
If you are already trying to Lose Weight or are planning to start a Weight Loss Diet Plan, it is vital you work out what your BMR is.
Try to keep your BMR high as possible to help you burn fat. Exercise and the more Lean Muscle Mass you have, will help increase your body's ability to burn fat faster and more effectively.
Any sort of exercise you can include in your Weight Loss Diet Plan will improve your Fitness, increase your Lean Muscle Mass, raise your BMR levels and help you burn more fat faster.
If you follow a controlled plan, you do not Over-Eat, you raise your BMR and increase your muscle mass, it is "Impossible" to not Lose Weight!
Shane helps people with advice and solution options for many different human ailments.
Shane believes most problems we suffer from that affect our lifestyles can be treated using the correct methods by providing information simply and easily without confusing the reader, to help you reach a logical and realistic decision on your health choices.
Weight Loss can be achieved by everyone with the right approach. So Don't give up! The small effort is worth it in the long run, consider how much Happier you will be!
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